Summer Program 2024

Summer Program information will be out before May.

We don’t have the exact date yet as we are currently building the programs. Watch the website or check your emails if you are a member already (including junk mail).

Note: We did not be open it extra early this year as too many families book all the spots prior to knowing their holidays and then cancel. Last year, we needed to scramble to get kids off of the waitlist.

Here is a look at how our Summer Program ran last year and we hope to run a similar program this year: 

Grades are based on 2023 – 24 School Year

Ewoks – Jk & Sk  – 50 (born in 2018 & 2019) 

Jedis – Gr 1 & 2 – 25 (born in 2016 & 2017)

Titans – Gr 3 – 6 – 25 (born in 2012 -2015)

(May change based on grades of children that register) 

There will be a few spots for subsidies for some of our current members in financial need each week. To learn more, please contact Lee-Ann at 807 623-054 x 111. 

Drop-in members could come in at 12:30 and would mix in with appropriate age groups. More choices are given for children to choose from in the afternoon. 

Each week will have a theme. Registration is done only by weeks, not single days. 

Members will do some theme week activities and rotate through areas inside and outside of the Club

Areas include; kitchen, gym, craft room, computers, zones, playground, paved area, back field. 

Each group will get an outing day each week. 

Children and youth will need to bring their own lunch unless specified on their calendar.

Their calendar will be emailed weekly to each group.